We are a family of makers combining woodwork and welding, creating custom modern heirlooms, home goods, and furniture in Edmonton, Alberta.

Forge & Fell began as most of our favourite stories do—around the dinner table at the family acreage on a Sunday afternoon with good food, a bottle of wine, and laughter. A passion project of building beautiful products just for fun turned into the seed of a business idea that planted strong roots and grew organically from there.

We draw inspiration from our heritage, with a line of makers and artisans before us that have taught us the beauty of creating with our hands, with joy and dedication. We craft modern furniture pieces and products that we are proud to have in our homes. We want our products to pass down from one generation to the next, creating memories and holding stories. We are true to the craft.

Ryan Krikke

Meet Ryan, our co-founder, maker, welder, and middle son of the Krikke clan. He's a goofball with a heart of gold and a mind for business, and manages our daily operations, sales, and sourcing of wood materials. You can often find him twirling his beard and cracking dad jokes for his wife and two adorable kids!

Zack Krikke

Meet Zack, our co-founder, maker, woodworker, and youngest son of the Krikke clan. He's a math whiz and a detail oriented engineer, and his love of mid century modern furniture influences our pieces in a major way. You can often find him playing the classics on his guitar (that he built himself) with a big smile on his face, while in the company of his fiancée and their brown Newfoundland pup!

Nicole Winski

Meet Nicole, our co-founder, creative director, marketing and social media guru, and eldest daughter of the Krikke clan. She's a perfectionist with a passion for visual storytelling, and makes her mark on all aspects of our brand story, from the logo to the design of our products. You can often find her reading a book, styling an interior space or event, or at the dog park with Nathan and their Daniff pup!

Nathan Winski

Meet Nathan, our co-founder, product designer, photographer, apprentice, and Nicole's husband! He's a pop culture, music, and obscure facts aficionado, and his exceptional eye for light and framing tells our brand story in a captivating way. You can often find him in the kitchen whipping up a delicious culinary masterpiece for the whole family, playing video games with friends, or at the dog park with Nicole and their Daniff pup!

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At Forge & Fell, you'll find a curated collection of custom designed home goods and furniture, perfect for any home style. Enjoy our mid-century-modern inspired cutting boards and coasters, perfect for food prep or entertaining. Give your living room the finishing rustic industrial touch with a live edge wood slab coffee table made with cypress cedar fresh from the coasts of British Columbia. No matter your style, we can craft a product to match. Bring home a modern heirloom today!

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Custom Orders

Have an idea in mind for a custom furniture piece or product? Forge & Fell works works with both residential and commercial clients to make suggestions for your space and design a product that will stand the test of time. From larger products such as a wood clad wall, fireplace mantle, or a set of sliding barn doors to smaller products such as a bedside table, office desk, or entry bench, Forge & Fell will collaborate with you to create the perfect piece. We would love to work with you!

Get in Touch

Get in Touch

If you're looking for a custom piece of furniture, if you'd like to collaborate with us on an upcoming project, or if you'd just like to have a good conversation over a cup of coffee, please send us a message and we'll respond shortly!

Call us at 780-886-0125!

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